Everytime the sun comes out I fall in love with being girly again.

I feel less inspired by chunky black boots, Victoria Beckham's harsh architectural vibe and fierce contouring and much more attracted to the more floaty and softer options. I feel there is beauty in the familiar and I enjoy florals making a come back every spring - if its not broke don't fix it, and their so prettttyyyyyy. I want to overdose on blossom, flower patterns and pastel colours until I fall into a Ariana Grande inspired coma. I'm swapping my brown-nude lipsticks for my berry variety and only wearing clothing that enhances a tan - I'm thinking pretty lacey criss cross straps, cut out daisy prints and summery colours. Hello Spring, I love you!


Yeah, she went there!

The oh so very low body suit. Yeah they went there and I’m so glad they did because fortune favours the brave and I like my fashion to reflect the lines I live by! Misguided provided me with this little beaut and I’m gonna wear it to death and enjoy every disapproving glance from those not bold enough to allow their outfits to dip to the more daring depths of flesh. ;)